Although the name” isn’t well known in this country, it is one of the oldest pure cattle breeds. The Braunvieh breed is found in 60 countries and more than 7 000 000 are recorded as registered animals in the stud-books world wide.


The Braunvieh thrives in the cold Alps of Switzerland, the Kalahari, Karoo and Bushveld. This is a strain that has the ability to adapt to literally any type of veld and to flourish therein.


The Braunvieh is a true winner amongst the dual purpose breeds. The Braunvieh has the capacity to add value to any breed it is cross-breeded with.


The Braunvieh is a large framed duel- purpose beast that has been developed for the dairy and meat industry at a ratio of 60:40. This strain has a strong, dark pigment that prevents eye cancer from occurring.


The Marani Stud occasionally has breeding stock available for sale